Shea Hamilton

Shea Hamilton


Viper Volleyball Since 2000


I started my career and love for volleyball in the 3rd grade. But I was introduced to the sport far before that. I grew up watching my mom coach and older sister play; I couldn’t wait for the day to start playing myself! I started my career at Viper, back when practices were held at an old shack in Elsinore, and I stayed with the program for most of my young career.  I also played at Vista Murrieta High School, winning second team all league honors.  I then received an athletic scholarship to play at Cal state University of Los Angeles. I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of arts degree in Sociology and a minor in Pan African Studies. I coached the JV volleyball team at Paloma Valley High School this past season, and I plan to go on and coach for many more years to come! I love this sport! Not only for the competition but also for the life lessons and the strong relationships it brings.

My coaching style: I have learned, throughout my athletic career, that talent isn’t everything. I’ve played on teams that beat opponents in numbers (stats) and yet couldn’t win a game. With this in mind, I believe a skilled player isn’t always the one that is physically capable, but rather has the work ethic and determination they need to improve everyday.  This type of player is contagious, and encourages others around them to improve and work hard as well.  I believe that volleyball is  as strong as your weakest link, and thats why I make it my mission to encourage my players to lead and work towards team goals as opposed to personal ones.