Program Information

Viper is happy to announce the return of our VolleyHigh Program for the eleventh year in a row! Every high school athlete, 9th-12th grades, is welcome to participate. There are no tryouts for this league, players simply sign up to play and start training. For match play, teams will be organized by ability. This program will run from Mid-August – Late-October.

Who is it for?

VolleyHigh is for players who don’t play for their high school team or are home schooled. As high school volleyball gets more competitive many good players, including club players, get cut from their high school team. VolleyHigh is a great place for players like this to continue doing what they love – playing volleyball. Many freshmen also enter High School with little or no volleyball experience and show up for tryouts along with 30-75 other girls and aren’t fully prepared to make the program. Most high school coaches will tell young freshmen to play club to improve and try and make the team the following year – and VolleyHigh is the type of program that will get them started. VolleyHigh is therefore a Fall or Pre-Club program that allows high school aged players to develop in the off season and improve for tryouts the following year.

Program Details

August 12th – October 20th

Program lasts 10 weeks

Practices are 2X a week for 1.5 hours

Participation in 3 tournaments in San Diego

No tryouts necessary – all players accepted

Fees & Registration

Total Cost = $717

3 payments of $239.00

1st payment will be ran upon registration in July or August, 2nd payment on September 1st and third payment on October 1st.

Competition Information

Tournament play in San Diego