If you would like to schedule private lessons with any of the experienced coaches below, please contact them through their listed information. They will work with you to arrange lesson dates and times. Other Viper coaches are available for lessons as well, and you may contact them directly.



(951) 252-4003 or - All Skills

All Skills



(941) 323-7746 or - All Skills
Kelly Cantu

Kelly Cantu - Specialty Liberos - All Skills
Jim Downey

Jim Downey - All Skills - Saturday and Sundays Only
Natalie Donnels

Natalie Donnels

(951) 387-1406 - All Skills
Jolynn Faatulu

Jolynn Faatulu - specialty setting; all skills

Kayla "Fitz" Fitzgerald

Kayla "Fitz" Fitzgerald all skills
Luci Villafana

Luci Villafana all skills

Randy Bush

Randy Bush

(714) 501-9244 - All Skills
Ashlyn Holcomb

Ashlyn Holcomb - Younger ages all skills. Older ages D/S or Liberos. Areas of specialty passing and serving.
Amanda Trimble

Amanda Trimble - All Skills
Hannah Schaffer

Hannah Schaffer all skills
Jaleesa Robinson

Jaleesa Robinson - All Skills
Kris Szot

Kris Szot - All Skills
Jordan Kennedy

Jordan Kennedy all skills