Office Lady #1

Viper Volleyball Since


Fun Fact: I am not Laurie.

Pookie has worked for Viper for the past 18 years. She and her husband Boyd meet Ed not long after moving to Temecula in 1989(when Ed still had hair). She has two daughters , Ashlyn and Amanda, who started playing volleyball at Viper when they were just  9 years old. Outside of volleyball,Pookie loves going to Disneyland with her daughters and extended family.
Favorite memory as a volleyball mom:
“This is hard, there are so many things that have happened over the years. For my daughter Ashlyn, my favorite has to be her and her team winning the Volleyball Festival Tournament. They had a rival club Kern River, who all season long we would play with Kern River winning most of the time. Then we get to the last tournament of the season and it comes down to Kern River and Viper. Our girls played so hard and with so much determination. Watching them win and take down their rival was just the best.”
“For my daughter Amanda one of my favorites is when we were playing at The Volleyball Festival Tournament. Her coach at the time was a big fan of Zip Fizz, (a supplement to give you energy) Amanda had drank one right before the match was about to start. During the match Amanda runs off the court during play, throws up and runs back on the court like nothing happened and continues to play. She had not eaten enough and the Zip Fizz made her sick. She continued to throw up multiple times. But nothing was going to stop her from playing.”
Fun Fact:
I can’t not tell you how many times over the years parents think that Laurie is me. We are not related and we don’t think we even look alike. But at least once a day someone will come into the office and look at Laurie and say , “Pookie, can you help me?”.
Why I choose to work at Viper: 
It all started because I have a hard time saying no. At one of the tryouts, Ed simply walked over to me and asked me if I wanted to help and the rest is history. 18 years later, I’m  still helping because Ed and Lani are giving people that do many things for our community and I love being around people like that.  The other reason is that the Viper Staff is one big happy family. I love coming to the gym each and every day.