Charter School Partners

Family Registration Required

Charter School Families are required to register a family account with Viper Volleyball Club.  A Credit Card is required for registration as the family/dancer is ultimately responsible for all fees associated with their enrollment at Viper.  REGISTER HERE or visit our gym to complete this simple registration.

Families are responsible for payment of:

  • Registration fees ($10 per player)
  • Any tuition for unattended classes (charter schools will not pay for player absences)
  • Any tuition for classes outside of the school year
  • Any tuition for classes taken before Viper receives a purchase order from your charter school

Charter Schools will be billed for and will only pay tuition for classes attended during the school calendar year.  All other fees for enrolled classes, products and services will be billed to the family’s credit card on file unless another payment has been provided in advance.  Charter schools will not pay for these fees.

Registration & Billing Process


Step 1: Request to take Viper classes through your charter school

Step 2: Register your family account online with Viper Volleyball Club and enroll in your selected classes.

Step 3: Sign in on your attendance sheet at the front desk before each class.

Step 4: Viper will invoice charter school for approved & attended classes.

Step 5: Viper will charge the family’s credit card on file for any fees not approved by the charter school.

Class Schedule