Viper Volleyball Since 2016

Fun fact: I did stand up comedy for over a year…turns out I wasn’t funny.

Playing experience:

  • 1994-1997 University of Arizona –  OH/OPP
    • Team was nationally ranked in the top 10 all 3 years.
  • 1995-2002: AVP, EVP, Jose Cuervo, CVBA, etc.

Coaching experience:

  • CAP I Certified
  • 1995 Volunteer Student Assistant, University of Arizona – Under HC/Dave Rubio
  • 1995-1996 Club Cactus 16s & 17s (AZ)
  • 1997 ASU Mens Volleyball Head Coach – Ranked Nationally in the top 10
  • 1998 SOPH HC Santa Monica HS  – Under HC/Lianne Sato
  • 2001-2003 Beach Coach various EVP, AVP and CVBA Athletes
  • 2010-2014 Head Coach – Columbine HS (CO) (56-13)
  • 2015 The EDGE VBC 16.1 HC (CO)
  • 2016 Elevation Volleyball Club; Dir of Marketing & Programs/HC 16.1 (CO)

Brett feels like Volleyball has provided some of the best opportunities, lessons and people in his life  & still does. One of the biggest personal lessons he has learned through sports is how preparation and mindful/intentional training is key to success at the higher levels both on and off the court. So much so that coaching mindfulness, training ugly, and personal accountability/preparation has become a big part of his coaching philosophy the last several years. 

“I enjoy showing athletes how to play in reality and how to remove or better work with the negative internal scripting that keeps them from knowing what they can accomplish.”

He says his practices won’t always look the prettiest, but his teams/athletes work well under pressure both in & out of system as a result of the types of things they train day in and day out.

As a coach Brett feels extremely lucky, many of the people who mentored him are considered some of the top coaches in the country. Their example and desire for ongoing learning & adaptation is a great skill he has taken to heart. Choosing to be a flexible student of how the game is trained & played is something Brett feels is important to push himself as a coach. 

“It’s my responsibility to be providing the best possible opportunities to players rather then just relying on what I know or am most comfortable with.”

Brett believes it he is not pushing his own boundaries and wanting to get better each time he is in the gym –  then he can’t ask that of the athletes he works with.

Brett is truly enjoying this new chapter of his life being back in CA after spending the last 6 years in CO, where he moved to be full-time caregiver to his mom during her  battle with cancer. He is excited to be back in sunny CA with all the things he loves about living and working here, and Brett’s first career in entertainment  is something that is still a part of who he is, but these days he enjoys exploring new directions & opportunities. His free time is full of  photography, writing, and learning new things.

What is your favorite memory as a player?

As a player my favorite memory is my time playing at the University of Arizona. It was an amazing experience to play in a town with such ties to the university and its athletes.  Being given the opportunity to play at that level was a difficult transition especially since I didn’t start playing volleyball until I was a freshman in college, but it was worth all the frustration and hard work  to be a part of that schools program & athletic tradition.

What is your favorite memory as a Coach?

Coaching provides many great memories, but one that stands out is my first team as HC at Columbine HS in Colorado. In particular a 3 day preseason “chase the seed” tournament. We came into the event ranked 73rd out of 78, then this team laughed, played, and fought their way through all three days not dropping a set or match until the semis finishing 3rd out of 78. They would go on to one of the best seasons the school has had. It was a great atmosphere to be a part of, being new to the program having them achieve such success in a new system right away was amazing.

I am proud to be a part of the Viper family and Coaching Staff. There is a growth mentality in this gym that I like. Being somewhere where the teams & coaches are excited to be getting better everyday is a great environment to be a part of.