Owner + Director

Viper Volleyball Since 1996

Contact: Ed@vipervolleyball.org

Fun Fact: He only eats at 2 restaurants in town; Guatalajara’s,  and the Swing Inn!

Ed is the founder and owner or Viper Volleyball. He started Viper Volleyball because for his daughter Kylie, back in 1996. His greatest joys are his family, including his wife, Lani, who owns Temecula Dance Company and two daughters, Katie and Kylie.

Ed serves on the board of directors of several charities, including the Make A Difference Foundation, which has given many of our players, coaches, families and friends the opportunity to serve those less fortunate.

Ed can usually be found at the gym on his hoverboard, intermittently harassing the parents or giving the players, incorrect instruction.

His biggest accomplishments on the volleyball court were the time he roofed one of our 12’s players trying to hit over him, and the time he made two consecutive overhand serves in practice.

Ed’s goal is to never retire, because then what would he do, and who would he bug?